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Kunsthalle Mulhouse - September 14th-November 12th 2017

Steve Roden "Quand tout s’éparpille, il faut rassembler les pièces… différemment"

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 13that at 6.30 pm
Concert : Eddie Ladoire + Steve Roden , Thursday September 14th at 7pm

La Kunsthalle Mulhouse is hosting a monographic exhibition dedicated to the work of American artist Steve Roden from 14th September to 12th November 2017.
Steve Roden (b. 1964) is a visual and sound artist with a multifaceted approach to art. He devises systems from musical scores, words, maps, printed cards and papers and uses them to create visual and sound artworks. The source materials from which he draws inspiration are a sort of formal skeleton for the finished artworks.
The exhibition will show these specific notations as well as films, pieces of art and sound sculptures. Visual and textual echoes will be heard through the arrangement of the works, each of them representing sound in a unique way. Steve Roden sets up a single space for various works echoing one another and constituting the early draft of a composition on sensorial experience which is left open to interpretation.

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