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From 19 May to 11 November 2018 - The Forteresse in Chinon


Curated by Anne-Laure Chamboissier
Opening on Saturday 19 May from 4-7 pm at the Fortress in Chinon, at the Musée du Grand Carroi and in the City Hall gallery.

This exhibition will be part of the architecture week to be held from 15-21 October 2018, organized by the CAUE 37

The exhibition Sound Architectures invites visitors to stroll around the site of the Fortress in Chinon from a different angle, through the immersive sound works of Claude Alma, Henri Dutilleux, Eddie Ladoire, Benjamin L. Aman and Cécile Le Talec. Where do these sounds come from? Are they diffused sounds? Natural sounds? These echoing works develop, interact and merge together in the different spaces: towers and Royal Apartments, like a broad acoustic score with many different parts. These snippets of reality, which are intrinsic to each of their pieces and suited to creating mental images, become forms of narratives to be constructed by those listening themselves. Narratives which waver between the documentary form and/or the musical piece. The boundary be-tween reality and imagination is a slender one, with one forming the stuff of the other Architecture, acoustics, the proportions of the spaces and the historical context are all so many elements which are in resonance with the works chosen for this show. Through this stroll through the place, the spectator is thus confronted with his own perspectival habits, opening up the field to new cognitive and sensory spaces.

Cécile Le Talec Eddie Ladoire