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Kunsthalle Mulhouse - Sep. 15th – Nov. 13th 2016


OOOL / Sound Fictions evokes the idea of sound as a generator of fiction and stories. Luc Ferrari, Eddie Ladoire, Mathias Delplanque and Cédric Maridet share a form of sound writing on field recording.

From this intricate collection of sounds, reworked through montage, they create a wide variety of works where fiction is never far away. These snippets of reality, intrinsic to each of their pieces, and evocative of mental images, become a sort of story which spectators can construct themselves by listening. These stories waver between documentary forms and musical pieces. The border between real and imaginary is fragile, one makes up the material of the other.
Where do sounds come from? Are they recorded sounds? Natural sounds? These works echo one another, interacting and taking shape in the exhibition space like a large sound composition with many fragments, like punctuation, making up one story.

The main exhibition events:
Concert by Mathias Delplanque and Eddie Ladoire
Thursday 15th September at 7 pm, Les Artisans du Son
In collaboration with Les Artisans du Son, Mulhouse

Performance reading based on Luc Ferrari’s writing, by singer-songwriter David Jisse
Thursday 13th October at 7 pm

Concert by composer Lionel Marchetti
Thursday 20th October at 7 pm
In collaboration with Festival Météo, Mulhouse

The exhibition has benefited from generous support from Les Artisans Du Son.

Opening hours
Open Wednesday to Friday, noon to 6 pm
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Closed Mondays, Tuesdays
Free admission

La Kunsthalle Mulhouse
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La Fonderie
16 rue de la Fonderie - 68093 Mulhouse Cedex
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► PDF Journal d’exposition OOOL / SOUND FICTIONS
Cédric Maridet Eddie Ladoire Luc Ferrari Mathias Delplanque