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Luc Ferrari

Born in Paris in 1929 et died in Arezzo in 2005.

Luc Ferrari is one of the concrete music composers who has changed our musical landscape. After studying music under the direction of Arthur Honegger then Olivier Messiaen, he joined Pierre Schaeffer in the GRM (Musical Research Group) to create concrete music before setting up his own research studio in the 70s. As of 1963 his Heterozygote project has made innovative use of everyday sounds. In 1967 he made his first Presque Rien. He worked in areas as diverse as film, writing, installation, symphonic or ensemble pieces, pieces featuring instruments and fixed sound, which he calls SM (son mémorisé), concerts and shows, multimedia work, electroacoustic work and Hörspiele (radiophonic compositions). From 1999 he worked with experimental and improvising DJs. The Presque Rien series made a lasting impact on a whole generation of musicians across the genres.