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Bernard Heidsieck

Bernard Heidsieck (1928-1994) decided to break with written poetry in the mid-fifties, to take it out of the book. Passive poetry, he opposes an active poetry, "standing" according to his own expression. He was one of the creators, from 1955, of the Poetry Sonore and, in 1962, of Poetry Action. In 1959, he used the tape recorder as a means of writing and retransmission, opening his research to new fields of experimentation. While remaining attached to semantics, Bernard Heidsieck emancipates gradually from the constraints of the language. He explores all its formal dimensions, whether by the spatialization of the text, in the scores he writes, or by the presence of his body in space. The sound takes on a plastic dimension with him, thanks to his exceptional diction based as much on the breath as on a perfect articulation or on the constantly renewed inflections of his voice.

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