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Berges de Seine, Paris - October 2014

Sound by the River

For the second year running, FIAC 2014 is pleased to present a new Hors les Murs, thanks to the creation of a promenade on the left bank of the Seine. A programme of outdoor artworks along the Seine is thus proposed between the Tuileries Garden, the Pont de la Concorde, the Pont Alexandre III, the Pont des Invalides and the Grand Palais.

Within the framework of FIAC’s Hors les Murs programme, a sound art circuit along the Berges de Seine has been imagined Anne-Laure Chamboissier. Listening lounges welcome listeners to delve into film-related recordings featuring various sound works produced by artists Eddie Ladoire and Hélène Perret, Emmanuel Lagarrigue and Rainier Lericolais; musicians Rodolphe Burger, Philippe Katherine, Bruno Letort, and Radio Mentale; and one writer and director, Jonas Mekas.These works play on the evocation of filmmakers (including Marguerite Duras, Federico Fellini, and Chris Marker) and/or assume a cinematic character. The walkers- listeners are immersed in richly diverse and contrasting worlds and to create their own journey based on their personal sound experience.

Rodolphe Burger, Unlimited Fellini, 2003
The work in homage to Fellini attempts to untangle sound from images and offers to subject the sound material from the memory-screen to an operation that brings out its power in today’s context. This work on developing «sound images» was devised and inspired by Fellini’s film Casanova.
Supported by Commande publique, Centre National des Arts Plastiques – Ministère de la Culture

Philippe Katherine, 8 et quelques, 2003
The work consists of taking fragments of sequences of Fellini’s films and providing other soundtracks that integrate the design of new sound ideas (including sounds, voices, noise, and music) by way of a modification. Designed in collaboration with Pierre Bondu.
Supported by Commande publique, Centre National des Arts Plastiques – Ministère de la Culture

RADIOMENTALE, NovoEtMezzo (Una notte dolce), 2003
A sound work in the form of a montage directed with the aid of voices and musical extracts taken from Fellini’s films. It constitutes a kind of promenade, an uninhibited stroll through the heart of Fellini’s work and that of his favorite composer Nino Rotta.
Supported by Commande publique, Centre National des Arts Plastiques – Ministère de la Culture

Eddie Ladoire et Hélène Perret, Les bruits du dehors, 2014
In Duras’ work, places do not only serve as decors or backdrops. They are the starting point for her writing. In the novels of the Indochinese cycle, gradually, places will be brought back to an immediate impression, to a kind of transcription of the author’s visual hallucination rather than to a detailed descriptive visualisation. Consisting of noises and silences, sounds and music, her books are filled with sounds in an obvious way. Yet, as we read them, we recognise above all a number of principles of phonographic creation: instantaneousness, modulation, repetitions, resonances, and steadiness. Mimicking the instantaneous representation of Duras’ writing, giving rise to the suggestive imagery of cinema for the ears, depicting the exhaustion of representations of the Indochinese space, this creation provokes the sudden appearance of phonographic images, as though nothing more were left of this worn-out story than the persistence of childhood locations, which the soundtrack could have consisted of, like an auditory souvenir.
(Design : Hélène Perret. Electroacoustic creation : Eddie Ladoire. Voices : Judith Gars et et Stéphanie Cassignard. Texts : Marguerite Duras – extracts from : Un Barrage contre le Pacifique, L’Amant, L’Amant de la Chine du Nord)

Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Que j’imagine une chose ou pas, elle est réelle pour moi, 2014
Named after the meeting of John Carpenter and Don DeLillo, this sound piece tries to answer in music the question of the nature of the imagination. Haunted by the absolute reality of things, she proposes a journey into the materiality of our mental representations. Summoning the voices of extra-ordinary characters from many films, she draws the mental landscape of our desires on the horizon of their scattered lives. » Courtesy Galerie SULTANA, Paris.

Jonas Mekas, À Pétrarque, mon journal intime sonore, 2003
Originally commissioned for the Atelier de Création Radiophonique, this sound work has developed into a two-pronged project : one for the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, where the whole project have been presented without voices, but with a list of all of the sound extracts (with their subject, location, date, etc). The radio version contains a short piece of oral information before each audio extract. The sound work consists of around 54 audio extracts from my sound journal from the past 40 years: sounds from New York, sounds from nature, sounds from various journeys, fragments in which I sing with my friends — a wide variety of sounds each lasting 30 seconds to 2 minutes. We could watch or instead listen, like a sound journal, the cousin of my film journal, since the structure of this project is similar to the one I have always followed in maintaining my cinematographic diary.
Filmed by Lionel Quentin
Supported by Commande publique, Centre National des Arts Plastiques – Ministère de la Culture et de l’Atelier de Création Radiophonique – France Culture

Rainier Lericolais, Dots per Image, 2010
In this work, the multidisciplinary artist Rainier Lericolais confronts his relationship to recently departed filmmaker Chris Marker – taking his book, Le Dépays, published in 1982, as his starting point – dedicated to his own memory and to his many trips to Japan. His memories of Chris Marker are accompanied by voices in French (Étienne Sandrin) or Japanese (Lili Kim), by his musician friends (Pierre- Yves Macé, Simon Fisher Turner, Daniel Pabeuf, David Sanson, Geoffroy Montel), filmmakers (Daniella Marxer), or artists (Michel Aubry) in this beautiful and poetic musical perambulation.
Supported by l’Atelier de Création Radiophonique – France Culture
Courtesy of the artiste, Brocoli, and Galerie Frank Elbaz, Paris

Bruno Letort, Immemories, 2013
Chris Marker, filmmaker, photographer, and essayist had a singular approach to art, through his unique itinerary that disregarded trends and habits. Immemories, which weaves its audio framework via La Jetée, the polymorphous director’s cult film.
(Voice : Mike Ladd, Drums : Daniel Ciampolini)
Radio France’s contribution for the occasion of Art’s Birthday 2013

Rainier Lericolais Emmanuel Lagarrigue Eddie Ladoire