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Eric Mézan

Visual artist since the 1990s, Eric Mézan studied History of Art at the Sorbonne and military strategy at the École Spéciale Militaire de Saint Cyr. Approaching the 2000s approached, he continued his photographic research and co-curated numerous exhibitions such as La plaque à Marcel, Je n’ai pas l’esprit de groupe, Not a Lear, etc. with curators Laurent Goumarre, François Quintin and Jimi Dams. He also collaborated for several months with the artist Tania Mouraud. In 2000, he founded Art Process, a contemporary art agency that offers international "expeditions" into the world of contemporary art. As an artist-explorer, he has produced more than fifteen thousand photos and sequences filmed on all the continents where his travels take him.

Living the place Living the place: Eric Mézan