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Florent Lamouroux

Born in 1980, FLORENT LAMOUROUX began his literary studies and then joined ENSA-Bourges. He graduated in 2004 with honours from the jury. He currently lives in Huismes, a small village near Chinon, in Indre-et-Loire. His work is represented by the Galerie Isabelle Gounod in Paris. His artistic practice is inscribed in human and social contexts. The artist takes a mischievous look at the social archetypes and codes that govern our society today, notably through appearance and self-image. He makes casts of himself or stages himself in parodic and ironic representations. Attached to a certain economy, he uses his body as a tool, a matrix or a support for his works. Most often he uses poor and connoted materials from the petrochemical industry, such as garbage bags, which he considers to have plastic qualities and various connotations in terms of ecology or consumption. In this way, he replays a world in an even more artificial way in order to better underline its shortcomings.


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