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Benoit Fougeirol

Born in 1962, photographer and artist, BENOÎT FOUGEIROL lives and works in Paris. His approach, both topographical and poetic, captures silent and unsuspected riches, between nature and asphalt. He published Autour / Around in 2010 by vmcf and Botanic in 2013 by Temple. Recently his work has focused on so-called "sensitive" urban areas. Sensitive no doubt because they are as itchy for the social body as they are for the territories and lives. He has undertaken a methodical inventory of the places and landscapes proposed by these territories covered by clichés that their reality overflows or denies. The project (Zus) was published in 2017 as an artist’s book by X Artist’s Books, and was awarded the MAD ADAGP prize in 2018.


Living the place